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Creating story-driven documentary style content.

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The Journey Forwards

Working with editorial travel brand Roadbook we collaborated with creative director Matthew Johnston to bring to life his vision of a film that asked people what the future of travel looks like, in a world changed by the pandemic and an ever increasing awareness of the climate crisis. 

Drawing from our creative community around the globe we conducted interviews over phone calls, Whatsapp voice notes and zoom, and licensed a small collection of home videos that capture memories of travel from New York to Shanghai, London to Brazil, and beyond.

As well as the main film, we also created 3x 30 second films each focused on one question: 'What is responsible travel to you?' 'Is travelling part of the human condition?' 'What is the future of travel?'


Directed by Matthew Johnston, Creative Director at Roadbook

Produced by Toby Anthonisz and Charli Whatley

Edited by Toby Heard

Composed by Catherine Whatley

Sound Design by Christodoulos Procopiou

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This Is Football:
Marcus Harrison x Jacob

Working with agency Youth Beyond Borders we created a documentary style film for The FA on Powerchair Football. Featuring England player Marcus Harrison and one of his mentees Jacob. 


Agency: Youth Beyond Borders

Directed and Edited by Charli Whatley 

Produced by Toby Anthonisz

Director of Photography Alasdair K Boyce

Creative Stills Photographer Sakara Pritchard

Sound Recordist and Designer Owen Baldwin

Composer Catherine Whatley

Colourist Caroline Morin 

Post Producer at Wash Mikael Nakkas

Created for England Football social channels and screened on BT Sport in June 2022

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Maths, Memes & AI: an exploration through performance

Working with Dr Neil Saunders  a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Greenwich, and director and playwright Melissa-Kelly Franklin, we filmed some scenes from David Harrower's powerful play Knives in Hens to support Neil's lecture Maths, Memes and AI: an exploration through performance. 

Actors: Bryony Miller + David Young

Filmed and Edited by Charli Whatley 

Grade by Toby Anthonisz

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How To Train
The Perfect Woman

We were commissioned to create a trailer for new theatre production in development, How To Train The Perfect Woman, from Bric à Brac Theatre. With this piece rather than place captioning over the top of the images, we worked them into the design of the video.

Directed and Edited by Charli Whatley

Photography, Grade and Titles by Toby Anthonisz

Music by Ellie Isherwood

Captions and Creative Captioning Design by Ben Glover

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Mohsin Zaidi

Showreel created for speaker and author Mohsin Zaidi.

Editing together some existing footage and additional photography (filmed by us) we were able to craft a showreel that has its own story arc. This helped to showcase and reflect Mohsin’s ability to speak in a way that builds a fully realised picture of people and experiences we don’t often hear about, helping us to connect us to their emotional truth. 

Directed and Edited by Charli Whatley

Photography, Grade and Titles by Toby Anthonisz

Music by Catherine Whatley

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