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Lockdown Anthology

Drawing from multiple writers of varied backgrounds and perspectives, Lockdown Anthology was created to capture the temporary reality of worldwide quarantine. By using the very tool that is keeping us connected, video call software, this series gives audiences a poignant and relatable representation of this time.


I Guess This Is The End

dir. Charlotte Lang

An absurdist comedy, throwing two characters from polar opposite ends of the US corporate structure into an awkward exchange about their new pandemic realities in the middle of a virtual spiritual healing session.


dir. Mohsin Zaidi

In this tense drama, Verdict confronts the threats that loom in a not too distant future if speed was given priority over civil rights with such a system and discusses the racial bias that exists in UK policing today.

Three_Sisters_Poster_for web.jpg

Three Sisters

dir. Melissa-Kelly Franklin

Three sisters gather for a life changing moment that’s been forced online due to the pandemic.

Saturday Roast

dir. Charli Whatley

In Saturday Roast a family chat about vaginas and hearsay news, but struggle to find the words to express their emotional pain caused by the pandemic.

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Silver Lining Poster for web.jpg

Silver Lining

dir. Toby Anthonisz

As Rebecca tackles the many falling dominoes tipped by the pandemic, her parents enjoy a rare moment of furlough freedom and cook up a questionable scheme.

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